Each year, the Hello Wood summer school calls for workshop applications while focusing on a single theme.

This serves the individual building workshops as a theoretical framework and a starting point.


We intend the theme-raising process to be thought-provoking, and for winning proposals to be able to react to it with entirely different approaches.  


carnival is an ancient folk celebration of costumes and dances which is a farewell to winter and a greeting of spring, and which has been inaugurated among the religious celebrations.

  • At this year’s 2019 jubilee festival, we’ll be bidding farewell to this incredibly productive period in order to make way for even bigger initiatives as we collectively create a community of builders that spans continents (Builders Society).


  • We are saying goodbye to the past ten years with a huge carnival, thus paving the way to our future. Carnival fits our needs perfectly, since it is fundamentally an act of both farewell and greeting. Let’s stop and take some time to celebrate!

  • The theme of this year’s summer school arises from individually identified architectural issues which themselves are manifested in the installations. These should boldly and subjectively raise professional awareness, and you will determine their theme and justifications. However many projects there are, that’s how many architectural themes, declarations and statements there will be.

  • There is a professional issue which you care about and which you’d like to draw attention to. This is where you first propose, execute and celebrate your architectural creed, straightforwardly, charismatically, but with humility. That’s what our architectural carnival is all about!


  • What are the themes and the challenges that the builders will have to confront in the coming period?

  • As a builder and creator, what do you suppose you will have to pay attention to?

  • Below are a few suggestions which we hope you’ll find inspiring. Answer, or make new suggestions!

  • This year, we’re more open than ever to creating our architectural project concepts with the involvement of various related trades. Bring your friends into the planning process, whether they are dancers, performance artists, designers, actors or musicians. Create diverse groups, and plan a performative presentation to go along with the installation design.


We provide the framework: this is the BUILDERS SOCIETY created by Hello Wood.

The BUSO is a community of creators that you can join by providing your presence, your enthusiasm, your curiosity and dedication to creativity, and your desire to act.

BUSO offers a community way of life where cooperation is based on understanding, where interest in one another is based on openness and love, and where constructions are not mere installations, but the tools for understanding the process.



We created a process you will follow when you apply and participate in the Carnival programme.


This Open Call presents the steps and details of this process of transformation and formation, farewells and new beginnings.


Are you a student and feel like you could be part of this celebration?

Go through our Student Application, be familiar with the process of registration, application and many other important info.

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