Vertical Cabin

Vertical Cabin

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Hello Wool

I am a monument

I am a monument



Zigurrat Delivery

Zigurrat Delivery

Cabin Modules

Cabin Modules

Grand Cabin

Grand Cabin

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We were looking for proposals that aim to uncover the hidden root causes of the cabin fever phenomenon. Using the typology of cabins as the platform for expression, and collaborative building as a self-analysing group therapy.

We are happy to announce the following project leaders for this year and we strongly believe, that their professionalism and innovative input will contribute greatly to Hello Wood's 2018 International Summer School & Festival for Architecture 

  • The Vertical Cabin can be described as a process, not only as a result of work. The object generates an experience when being used and also during its creation. The design builds on the tradition of maypole celebrations in Czech republic. It is built gradually on the ground and then it is raised to its vertical position. However, its location is not final. Cabin equipped with wheels can be relocated anywhere.

     PROJECT Vertical Cabin

    by H3T architekti

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  • Treehouse is a self-built pavilion.
    Treehouse is an archetypical hut that connects architecture to nature by establishing a dialogue between the two.
    Treehouse is a Microcosmos, an Existenzminimum.
    Treehouse has a downstairs, opened to the surrounding landscape and an upstairs that turns inwards.
    Treehouse is a landmark, a lighthouse for travellers that need protection for the night.
    Treehouse will be used to share, meditate, play, sing, sleep,make or simply express unity with the primordial world.
    Treehouse pays tribute to Gottfried Semper and the four elements of architecture: hearth, roof, enclosure, mound.

    PROJECT Treehouse

    by frundgallina

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  • Our cabin “Ziggurat Delivery” is designed with the idea, that living in a small house emphasize
    the relationship with the outside surrounding. A relationship, that chance in connection with the
    climatic seasons.
    With this in mind, we designed a cabin that is divided in two independent volume; each one with an independent structure.
    These volumes are located one over the other, the one on the top is for sleeping and the one on
    the bottom is for the daily common activities.

    PROJECT Ziggurat Delivery

    by ZarCola

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  • We will stand at an intermediate point of all the pairs of topics. The cabin is defined by the position of 5 modules that solve the basic functions. The space between modules will be closed with a laminar element that will respond to climatic requirements.
    The functions will be:

    In all cases they will have thermal and waterproof coating. They will incorporate a solar heating water system, a solar kitchen, a trombe wall, and "moser" solar lamps.
    The modules will be manufactured on site, and may have different levels of prefabrication.

    PROJECT Cabin modules

    by iR arquitectura

    for more information, click on the image

  • Small cabins are usually the ultimate places to relax.
    A tiny house is the hidden place of a couple or a single person to
    hide away from the noisy city and noisy other people.
    But what if we are different and we like to share good times and
    hide together with many friends?

    What if instead of a space of Zen we need a hidden party place?

    Our concept is about a small cabin that contains a fully equiped community space inside by expanding the A-frame with sleeping capsules - fitting 8+people.
    It’s a house for you and all your friends.

    PROJECT Grand cabin club

    by Hello Wood

    for more information, click on the image

Among the 5 listed projects, we have 2 bonus projects this year:

"I am a monument" develops further a project from 2015 built on the site, giving a new perspective for the former "Project Villa" project,

while the Hello Wood proposal is an experimental, small-scale project experimenting with the possibilities of wool.

  • I am a monument:

    The cabin as an interface that represents lifestyles and contextual material resources.

    A platform for personal expression.
    The cabin is understood as a reinterpretation of the Laugier’s
    primitive hut in a way, to diffuse the limits between interiority and nature. The cabin is shade and shelter. Wood is used as an unique material to built the main skeleton; vernacular materials and constructive techniques defines its skin and domestic devices.


    PROJECT  I am a monument

    by Josep Garriga+ OfficeShophouse

    for more information, click on the image

  • We had an idea to make an unconventional individual  space for being in silence.

    We would understand this space as a kind of outhouse, where we get rid of our mental excesses. A laying and a sitting position inside helps us envisioning a therapeutic situation with ourselves. The three main characteristics of the small house would be the timber base, the wool walls with wooden sticks and the tin roof with a small opening on the top.


    PROJECT Hello Wool (woolhouse)

    by AU Workshop + Marton Low

    for more information, clickon the image


  • Raumlabor is a Berlin based experimental architectural practice. Their work method, referred to as “research-based design” aims to deal with places 1:1, advocate for the importance of making to learn more through active design and find new methods that are open to appropriation and for upgrading the existing. Instead of solving problems, they rather initiate processes that give actors the opportunity to know, understand and use the city and its dynamics, as well as its possibilities. Their projects have received awards such as the Curry Stone Design Prize for social design achievements, and the Berlin Award.

    Raumlabor, Berlin

    Markus Bader

  • After his education at University of Westminster, the Mackintosh School of Architecture, and the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, he co-founded PUP Architects in 2015. With diverse interests in design, art and architecture, the firm is currently working on a wide range of public and cultural commissions in the UK.  In July 2017 PUP won the inaugural Antepavilion commission with their project, HVAC which received global acclaim in the architectural press and media. Theo has a particular interest in design build projects and the designer as maker which, alongside his practice, he advocates through his educational work. He has taught previously at the Architectural Association in the UK and the Umea School in Sweden and currently leads an undergraduate unit at Oxford Brookes University.

    PUP Architects, London

    Theodore Molloy

  • Kengo Kuma & Associates is one of the world’s leading architectural practices in innovative use of wood. Awards such as Spirit of Nature wood Award (2002) and the International Wood Architecture Award (2008) are just a few of the office’s acknowledgment for ways their design pushes the boundaries of timber architecture and at the same time respecting and applying the traditional japanese timber craft. One of their latest design deals with similar issues: the  EPFL Under One Roof Project focuses on innovation in building and designing with wood.

    Javier Villar and Mate Meszaros

  • Salvatore Peluso is an architect based in Milano. He is a web editor at Domus and member of the IRA-C, a research laboratory, founded in 2009. Salvatore's research focuses on urban pedagogies, alternative institutions and archives as places for a collective dialogue. With IRA-C, he participated at numerous art and architecture festivals such as Milano Arch Week, La Triennale di Milano (2017); Aformal Academy, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, Shenzhen (2016); Adhocracy Athens and Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens (2015).

    IRA-C, Milano

    Salvatore Peluso


application to architectural competition opens

March 2018

competition deadline for submitting proposals

22nd April 2018

announcement of winning proposals

29th April 2018

developing projects concepts to final plans

April - 30th May 2018

deadline for submitting final plans

8th June 2018

CABIN FEVER Hello Wood Summer School 2018

7th - 16th July 2018

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