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80,000 years ago, man´s survival in a vast uncharted land depended on the posession of fire.

for those early humans, fire was an object of great mystery. Fire had to be stolen from nature. 

It had to be kept alive, sheltered from wind and rain, guarded from rival tribes.

Fire was a symbol of power and means of survival. The tribe who possessed fire, possessed life.

¨La guerre du feu¨ J. H. Rosny.




The fire is magical. It's one of the four elements. It has the power to attract, to seduce, to unite people, to wrm some cold heart, accompany the lonely, the wild and the romantic.


We want to portray all of its meaning, from the sacred to the primitive, from the mysterious to the well known; let all of its functions and moments take place.

A place to carry the fire as an all mighty god, to adore it and grill some food as its present.


We named the project Pacha K'anchai, which in Inca Quechua language means "the light from the sun, as an universal element, plenty of energy and life".

Based on the idea of celebration, this Pacha K'anchai is a pagan altar. The chamans, and other important people in the Hello Wood civilization will be able to carry it and move it along the Carnival paradae. Sometimes all of the people carrying it are gonna stop to do special dances around it, cook some meat and vegetables to share with the community.

This is a portable structure using recycled wood from different segments and a piece of iron where to do the fire.

The estimate time for building it in a team of 8 is between 4 and 5 days. The team is gonna be divided in two, the ones who build the chimney, and the ones who build the structure to carry it.

The 4th day, these two parts are going to be assembled and the first fire lit. This is the reunion of the civils for the assignation of roles in the carnival.

The Pacha K'anchai ritual finishes when the chamans giv ethe structure and some knowledge to a member of the town as a present, so that from then onwards.

The town can keep the fire alive, send some smoke signals to the all mightyes and share special moments around it.

For the costume the chamans, priests, astrologists, the participants are asked to bring some colourful clothes, cloth and feathers. These costumes are going to be suggested by an Inca béppded peruvian, and designed by the members of the team.


This team met around a Hello Wood fire, crossborders united to celebrate.

Project Leaders - Caravan Atelier, Santiago Ruiz Lavaselli, LRQ


Caravan Atelier

Caravan Atelier is an hybrid office-workshop based in Vienna since 2018. The founders Angelo Ferrara and Viviana Schimmenti, graduate architects in Palermo, have developed in the last years their professional identity as “Architect-Artisan-Builder”. Their motto is “build by yourself what you design”. They are the author of the project from the conception till the construction, that they do by their hands. They are specialized in straw-bale buildings and sustainable architecture as well as focused on industrial design and interior. In 2016 Angelo lead a project team in the international workshop “Kaira Looro architecture for Senegal” and was selected in “ Hello Wood, Project Village 2017” to lead the team and build the project Caravanserai . After the degree Viviana moved from Sicily first to Slovenia and then to Vienna where she collaborated with several companies working mostly in the interior and in competitions. She is fascinated by recycling and using in architecture materials like paper or fabric. Angelo and Viviana aim in the future to launch CaravanAtelier as a wandering architectural office-workshop and to lead it all around a fascinating project asks to be done.


Santiago Ruiz

I’m Santiago Ruiz Lavaselli, born in a small town in Córdoba, Argentina, and moving ever since. Studied agronomy, chef and finally got my degree in architecture, passion and everyday research. After years of work in Córdoba and moved by his creations, I travelled to Rosario, Argentina looking for the experimental architect Rafael Iglesia. I was super lucky to work and then become partner in his studio. I also worked with Gerardo Caballero, Marco Rampulla and some independent projects. In 2017 I got inspired by travelling in Europe by bicycle, Hello Wood was the first step in the trip; i connect so much with wood working, team work, exploration in the creation process. I' ve continued in this path in Argentina and I'd be glad to celebrate craftwork in the tenth edition.


Lrq is an office founded by Camille and Nelson Larroque in 2019. After working in several firms in Chile, Switerzland, France, and Portugal they settled in the south west of France. They work on a variety of projects, from industrial design to bigger scaled competitions. Camille graduated from the EPFL in 2017 and won the best written thesis. Nelson graduated under Sir Peter Cook’s supervision in 2012, and the FAUP in 2018 and worked temporarily as a apprentice carpenter leading him to assist several workshops.

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