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​In today’s world, we are lacking everyday rituals as well as the feeling of togetherness. Our proposal suggests to celebrate Carnival in a mask which comes to life only when more people are wearing it. The mask becomes also a common shelter then.


We designed an object which integrates people as its essential part. Human bodies represent the “living caryatids” of Nomadic Mask. It is important that the whole group sticks together and carries it up, otherwise it is just a structure laying on the ground. The Nomadic Mask’s “inhabitants” have to decide together where their shelter is going to walk, how long it will be erected, whether people from the outer world can enter, etc. NOMADIC MASK project by: Alžběta Brůhová & Tina Peirlinck Hellowood 2019 topics: community, nonhierarchical systems, local materials, portable housing, body-house, experiment.


The structure is made of x identical triangular frames (the number depends on how many team members there will be) attached together into a conic shape. Later, we will cover it with binded straw sheaves from the surrounding fields.


We propose to mask our bodies as well, in order to merge with our shelter and strengthen the community. We perceive the whole process of inhabiting Nomadic Mask a new ritual. Also, since human bodies are a building material we don’t have much experience with, we are looking forward to new possible forms and functions the Nomadic Mask will take.

Project Leaders - Alžběta Brůhová, Tina Peirlinck

Alžběta finished her architecture studies at the AAAD in Prague where she now teaches as an assistant professor in Architecture 1 Studio. Following her interest in wood construction techniques, she later completed her carpentry education as well.


Tina got her architecture degree at the University of Antwerp and later continued in Wood Program at Aalto University.


Alžběta and Tina have now both been working as freelance architects and builders. Their life paths met at Hellowood 2018 where they decided to collaborate in the upcoming year.

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