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Show me an architect who isn‘t tired of autoCAD screen. This year we‘re excited to go back to the roots. We‘d explore the primal and the primitive. Forget drawings, throw away sections, leave your laptops closed. We want to celebrate the experience of creating a space in the moment.


Today‘s requirements on both design and building process seemed to have caged us in an infinite matrix of orthogonal spaces, prefabricated features and strict rationality. The acts of design and construction are now years apart.


Wood as a material ranges beyond clean cut beams with precise lengths and cross-sections. Branches, sprigs, sticks and boughs have fallen to the wayside as trash or by-product.


We propose a woven bionic structure that mimics a snake or a bodily organ. The use of branches for the loadbearing skeleton and thin plywood scales for cladding makes the act of building a creative one. With no exact pre-existent plans and sections, the participants shape the structure as they create it. This brings the pure joy of designing and building at once, problem-solving happens in real-time and schedule is no longer an issue.


The space itself is to be an intimate social one. Much alike the early human abodes, it fosters closeness of people and forces interactions.


Transportable by several people, with only the people‘s feet showing, the animal-like structure effectively becomes a human centipede.

Construction is formed by thin young wooden sticks with 3 to 6 cm radius. Sticks are connected with tied knot X-shaped connections. The whole of the structure requires circa 50 wooden sticks of four-approximately 4 meter length. The skin is made of 3mm thick plywood scales of a diamond-shape approximately 300 mm in size. The unrolled area of the skin is to be approximately 50 square meters.

Project Leaders 


Exactly seven days after we finished studies at Liberec, Faculty of Arts and architecture, we have established architectural studio The Mjölk architects with a little help of Czech-Swedish dictionary. After several years this crazy boyish dream has become a well-known architectural company. Our architectural style characterizes the conceptual simplicity, truthfulness and youthful playfulness. We cooperate not only with private investors, but also with some municipalities. We are interested in what is happening around us. We organize the film festival Kino Liberec and a series of cross-country races called Divočina. Except colorful portfolio of projects we spread our activities by teaching in Liberec, and the participating in the Czech and international workshops and lectures.

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