Small cabins are usually the ultimate places to relax.
A tiny house is the hidden place of a couple or a single person to
hide away from the noisy city and noisy other people.

But what if we are different and we like to share good times and
hide together with many friends?

What if instead of a space of Zen we need a hidden party place?

Our concept is about a small cabin that contains a fully equiped community space inside by expanding the A-frame with sleeping capsules - fitting 8+ people.

It’s a house for you and all your friends.

Project Narrative

A-frame has a history.

We all know Czech/alpine wooden houses as old friends.
We all smile when we see one.

It has a lovable structure that wakes up the child inside: it’s not the optimal home but for sure it is the cutest.

A-frame is an eye-candy, bringing endless joy to it’s
residents - so itÕs deÞnitely a good shape when it comes
to partying and having fun time with friends.

The simple insulated lightweight structure and the modularity of the construction means that the same system can work in a series of different sizes, shrunk by taking away a few A-frames, or expanded by adding more A-frames and sleeping capsules.

The following is the largest arrangement, comfortable for a large group of friends, regardless of the activities they have planned.
Our concept is about a small cabin that contains a fully equiped community space inside by expanding the A-frame with sleeping capsules - fitting 8+people.

It’s a house for you


Hello Wood started as an art camp in 2010 for students in architecture and design and has grown into a unique international summer school and festival involving more than 70 universities and 30 countries. It is a possibility for learning based on making and a great opportunity to break down the walls between different generations, to connect in ways that are beyond the walls of universities. 

Our goal is to promote the construction process as a platform for discussion, innovation and exchanging knowledge.


Since 2013 the Hello Wood group opened its office also, focusing on the design and build of temporary wooden projects.

We create seasonal, festival and public space installations throughout the year.
We also have a collection of temporary houses that can serve as a practical shelter in festivals and also houses or let's say kiosks for selling goods. 

Our typically temporary and mobile installations appear at major European festivals and events.
We are also working together with such partners as the Sziget Festival, the Palace of Arts Budapest and the Design Week Budapest.

The studio can be seen as a sibling to the camps since all of our works are centered on social responsibility, designing for a life cycle, and the relation between community and architecture.

Our professional team of architects and designers have developed small decorational elements and huge party places also over the past few years. 
Our team can travel and build similar interactive and artistic creations anywhere in the world.


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