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For this year's proposal we would like to focus on the art of ornament; in this case the beautification of architectural objects. No better place to do it than Carnival! Still today, ornament seems a somewhat controversial subject matter (since its radical banishment by modern architecture). It is this controversy that makes it a tempting theme, as we can ask the questions that are generally avoided in architectural discourse. Ornament might contain value in the possibility to move towards a pluriform architecture; an architecture that expresses, not one design thought, but that can contain a variety of different input. It might even be a celebration of differences to counterbalance the urge for unity and austerity that is common in architectural thinking. We are especially interested in the relationship between craftsmanship, material, tools and creativity. It is the hand of the maker that shows a certain degree of imperfection that the decoration made with the use of the CNC and computer aided printing techniques often lacks. And it is exactly this human touch that makes the art of ornament relevant.


In order to work with ornament you need something to elaborate. This will be the Ice Cream Truck. It is a wink to the annual craving for ice cream during the week and a festive object worthy to glorify. First we need to work on the general construction of the object. A car that can be pushed, where ice cream can be stored and handed out and that provides some shade. The initial building is also the moment to start thinking about and discussing the future beautification project. The next step is to work in small teams on the decoration. Without the artisanal knowledge the participants have no choice but to experiment; invent new ornament, ways to reproduce and refine by trial and error. This is the moment of design, failures and successful inventions. As we progress we start to combine the different elements, which is a design project on its own, perhaps not unlike an experimental music composition.

Project leaders - Suzana Milinović, Rufus van den Ban


We both earned our master degree in architecture at the TU in Delft and worked for HP Architects (Rufus still does). Since 2007 we are back at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft, now as guest teachers, visiting critics and research assistants for the departments Interiors Buildings Cities as well as for Landscape Architecture. Together, we do experimental projects as Studio Positif. In our projects, we try to involve all kinds of different participants- we see art and architecture as an act, rather than something definite. By incorporating research, education and art in our work, we explore the boundaries of architecture.

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