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Carnival offers people the opportunity to slip into other roles. We mask us and can become another character. Its a unique moment in which social borders are blurred, etiquette may not apply, needs and wishes can be expressed more freely. Carnival used to serve a social purpose and involved everyone - very differently to a pure show of spectacle only to behold of.


We believe that in our society's form of production people mostly are restricted to being sold images of desire. In clever forms of marketing, the image of desire might involve an experience, but still there is little to no connection between the person who buys and the object as such and it's creational process. But not so this time!


Becoming animal does not refer to animals as such, but to the belief that people or objects can actually inhabit spirits. That a thing could have a soul, an object would have a will of its own, act for or even against its owner.


In this year's Hello Wood workshop we will concentrate on the performative aspect of our design. The goal of our workshop will be to develop several objects together that all carry functional aspects, but are not restricted to them nor have to resemble their former purpose. We encourage you to develop a unique object, your own personal little demon to show off with at the celebration. Imagine your old household furniture from the last flat you stayed in or your neighbourhood's light post became animated and paid you an unexpected visit. We're excited what it has to say!

Project Leaders - Solid Operations


Solid operations is an artistic practice based in Vienna operating on spatial strategies and design. Julia Wildeis and Christian Daschek both have a professional architectural background but like to work with performative objects and consider process-oriented design. This means to us taking into consideration material in use before, during and after we deal with it, as well as objects in their spatial arrangement and in relation to its users.

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