At first we had an idea to make an unconventional individual space for being in silence. we would understand this space as a kind of outhouse, where we get rid of our mental excesses. There would be two kinds of positions inside, one for sitting and one for laying. The two positions can be seen as the speaker and the listener position; envisioning a therapeutic situation with ourselves.

We would like to build a narrow structure on a little artificial rise. The three main characteristics of the small house would be the timber base, the wool walls with wooden sticks and the tin roof with a small opening on the top. The two layers of
wool insulates the house while providing special texture and smell indoors and outdoors. We would like to help the traditional woolcombers by buying the huge amount of natural wool from a few hungarian sources.

Project Narrative

one person spaces:

With these smallscale houses, we would like to search for spaces for meditations through different functions.

Each of them contains one particular function and serves as the meeting place of one person and one material-spiritual quality.

The first of them was the flower house, which is also working as the flower dryer of a small herb garden.

material- structure:

We always wanted to work with wool, which is the symbol of warmness for us.

We wanted to keep the material in its own pure presence.

For this, we used the structure of the hay-dryers, which can be commonly found in the eastern - european agriculture, and transformed it into a chair - height item, stuffed with wool.

A wool corner was also built, to test the material, acting as a dividing wall structure.


The _architecture uncomfortable workshop_ is a Budapest based architecture office. Which always tries to make experiments in small case projects. One of the biggest motivation for us, is the understanding of the contemporary vernacular architecture. We are continously looking for the situation, where comfort meets real human needs.  While taking part in the production of objects and furniture, our idea of design has changed a lot over the years.
Our main interest lies in visual simplicity; specifically in simple methods of building (e.g. tools), which manifest themselves in built objects.
The process of constructing will have an impact on the final object, which – as we believe – is much more important.
Through design we search for the comfort situation: For us, the main aspect of architectual design is not form or function but the situation of balance between a person and their environment. This balance is our definition of architecture. Everything else is just a consequence of it.


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