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What is Builders' Society?

Since its foundation in 2010, Hello Wood has been concentrating on inspiring and teaching the new generation of architects to turn their attention to the topics that are disregarded by most of the architectural education today. Hello Wood is an independent, international educational platform in design and architecture. It teaches to think with our hands and learn through experience. Encouraging a more practical approach, we emphasise the importance of craft, thinking through making, and examine the act and experience of establishing a new community, to express their importance for architects. The international interest from both architectural students and highly acclaimed academics and professionals, such as Javier Villar from Kengo Kuma & Associates, Alfredo Brillembourg from Urban-Think Tank, Benedetta Tagliabue from EMBT and Robert Kronenburg from the University of Liverpool, clearly represents the high demand for filling up this gap in the “ordinary” education. This continuously expanding community of builders, assembled together through their attendance at the Hello Wood camps, embodies the movement towards activating this passionate urge to improve our environment through craft.


The themes of the summer schools since 2010 have aimed to kindle inspiration and excitement in architects by rejecting social and architectural norms and focusing on innovation and originality instead. Moving on from one-off installations and events, in 2016 we began to settle down, and in 2017 we moved the complete event and infrastructure to Csóromfölde, an area we intend to develop into a nomad campus for innovation and education for the international community of architects.


In 2018 we focused on taking a more ambitious and more practical step towards Csóromfölde becoming a global campus for architectural experimentation and innovation. We established a home, through building more permanent, inhabitable structures and through ensuring a closer collective collaboration, to achieve a stronger sense of community and belonging. 



Hello Wood started as an art camp in 2010 for students in architecture and design and has grown into a unique international summer school and festival involving more than 70 universities and 30 countries. It is a possibility for learning based on making and a great opportunity to break down the walls between different generations, to connect in ways that are beyond the walls of universities. 

Our goal is to promote the construction process as a platform for discussion, innovation and exchanging knowledge.


Since 2013 the Hello Wood group opened its office also, focusing on the design and build of temporary wooden projects.


architect, curator of Carnival,

CEO and co-founder of Hello Wood

Architect, co-founder and curator of Hello Wood, his diploma project won the Árkai Aladár Award in 2005. He was awarded the Moholy-Nagy László Fellowship for Design in 2009. He teaches at the Architectural Institute and Doctoral School of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design; his research is centered on the social aspects of architecture and the methodolical relevance of experience and presence.


co-curator of Carnival, architect

Pintér Márton is the Co-curator of HW Carnival. He graduated at MOME.

He has been at OMA/AMO for a while.

He teaches at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

He is a project leader at HW Mustra.

He co-founded VERY GOOD OFFICE prototype studio with Ábel Bálint.

They spent a year on the VERY GOOD OFFICE project. So VERY GOOD OFFICE does not operate anymore.

His new project will be VERY GOOD CONTENT. He will also spend a year on the VERY GOOD CONTENT project. Pintér Márton is radical.


project leader of Carnival

Rita joined the Hello Wood team in mid 2017. Started as a project manager of international studio projects, over the year she became the project leader of the International Summer School and Architecture Festival. Rita is also a researcher and doctoral student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME). Her PhD research is focusing on Impact Measurement in Social Design. Rita is also a founding partner of Budapest100 an internationally successful architectural heritage festival project. She received her MA in art and design management in 2015 at MOME, and holds a BA in Literature and Theater Studies from Eötvös Loránd University Budapest.


head of education

Orsi became a team member in 2013. She is responsible for our international relations, programs and for organizing events connected to the Hello Wood Camps. The project manager of the Technika 1 wood workshop, and the project leader of Hello Wood Education. She is also one of the inventors of the Hello Wood quiz.


art director, co-founder of Hello Wood

Dávid is a designer, advertising specialist. Before Hello Wood he was the art director and digital manager of Oglivy , and one of the creative directors of McCann Erickson. Currently he is co-owner of film production house Proud Productions as well as creative producer and director of advertisements and TV shows, and head of creative communications at Sziget Festival since 2008. After graduation he co-founded MOME Line, the ancestor of Hello Wood, and now he is a co-director and creative specialist at Hello Wood.


architect, director of Hello Wood Studio, co-founder of Hello Wood

As an architect and a manager, he organized summer workshops for students of Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in the Valley of Arts, and co-founded MOME Line. Also, as the head architect of his own studio, HA Architect Ltd, he was chosen as one of the 10 best young architects in 2012. He collaborated in the launching of DEMO (Design and Health Model), the first design program for children in Hungary. His popular installation, HintaYo, has been part of the largest festivals.Since 2013 he has been responsible for the production of the installations.


graphic designer

Gergő is the graphic designer of Hello Wood since 2013. He is responsible for the brand's visual appearance from the small posters till the important publications, like our Hello Wood 1_5 book. He is also the lead graphic designer for several big brands and the leader of the Hello Wood football team.


HR and project manager at Hello Wood ​

Niki graduated in the field of HR. After working at the Ministry of Home Affairs, she has been a Hello Wood member since 2011. Along with financial coordination, she also works on project management and logistics. She is a true problem solver. She is also active member of the DEMO summer camps, where the younger generation can get introduced to a creative and healthy way of life.


senior project manager of Hello Wood Education

Anita joined the Hello Wood team in late 2013. Started as an intern in relation with the International Summer School, over the years she became the project leader of the Hungarian Építész Mustra architecture festival. As a member of Hello Wood Education, she also takes part in the organization and coordination of educational programs, publications and she is responsible for the Technika #1 woodshop’s online communication. She is a core member of Hello Food unit, feeding up to 40 woodlovers at Hello Wood office events.


project coordinator of Hello Wood Education

Andi started working at Hello Wood in 2017 as an intern. Currently she is graduating at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in Design Management MA. She started as a project manager assistant of the Hungarian Építész Mustra architecture festival and coordinator assistant at Technika #1 community woodshop, helping to organize the everyday life of the workshop. Now she is working on the sponsorship relations of Hello Wood.


Nora started working at Hello Wood in early 2017. She received her Masters in Architectural Engineering both at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and École des Ponts ParisTech, France. First, Nóra took part in Hello Wood Studio's design and build projects, from design to on-site building coordination, later on she joined Hello Wood's Education team as architectural designer and coordinator of workshops and the yearly organised summer schools of Hello Wood. She also supports the Technika - Hello Wood's open DIY workshop in Budapest as a designer and workshopleader. Nora is currently taking a postgraduate course in Urban Design.

architect coordinator


coordinator of Carnival

Bálint started working at Hello Wood in 2019. He is graduating at Corvinus University of Budapest in Commerce and Marketing BA. He communicates with students, helps applicants throughout the whole application process and answers raising questions and concerns. He also edits the Carnival's website. He is a member of the group Hungarian Traditionalist Woodworkers with whom he holds exhibitions at festivals familiarizing time-worn woodworking skills, displaying tools of carpenters, coopers, wheelers, wood-turners and joiners.


Csabi Bányai, Petra Gáspár, Georgina Géczi, Ildi Hajdu, Nóra Fekete, Levente Kruppa,  Laci Mangliár, Andris Márton,
Zoli Sóvári, Rita Szerencsés, Dóri Murvai, Balázs Szelecsényi, 
Ádám Bajtai, Edit Jáksó

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